Management: Astrid und Willi Luger

The story of CULUMNATURA is a story of honesty, consistency and belief in yourself.

NATURAL products are booming everywhere. This tells us that we are changing the way we think and act: today's customers are more mindful, they ask more questions – and they long for natural products from head to toe.
We at CULUMNATURA did not just simply taken advantage of this niche. We have helped create it.

More than a companion: a trailblazer.

What do Willi Luger and his team do differently?
Everything! In 1996 the master hairdresser was one of the first in his industry to become a NATURAL cosmetics manufacturer. It's a trend today, but back then it was downright exotic: a growing awareness of what ingredients you use and a strictly eco-friendly alternative to conventional hairdressing cosmetics.

For you as a NATURAL hairdresser or NATURAL beautician, in-depth knowledge and strictly natural and certified organic skin and hair care products, developed with an appreciation for people and NATURE in mind, are a tried and tested tool that allow you to run a successful salon as a NATURAL cosmetics expert.

We are an Austrian company based in Ernstbrunn near Vienna. We are situated in the heart of the Weinviertel region, where we draw our strength from the power of nature. Our eco-friendly way of thinking and acting is reflected in our company, in our Ecological Guesthouse and in our Show and Adventure Garden.

What does CULUMNATURA mean?

"With the light and creative powers of nature"
Like our product names, our brand name CULUMNATURA also has a Latin root and a special meaning: The first two letters CU stand for Latin "cum", meaning "with" in English. LUM is derived from the Latin "lumen" meaning "light, reason, light source". The Latin phrase "cum lumine" thus means "with the light". Together with the word NATURA, "cum lumine natura" roughly means "with the light of nature".

The Latin word "lumen" does not just refer to the light of the sun or a light source. It can also be understood figuratively to mean the light of the mind, reason, productive creative power. Our products originate from the creative power of NATURE.

International company

CULUMNATURA is represented in Austria as well as internationally in the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • France
  • Luxembourg
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