Your way to becoming a CULUMNATURA skin and hair practitioner

Over the course of 8 modules, we offer you practical training to a high standard that is more than just an additional qualification - it reflects an attitude to life and offers completely new perspectives. Once you have completed all training modules and have undergone the consulting competence certification process, we send you an official CULUMNATURA skin and hair practitioner certificate.

In addition, NATURAL cosmetics is very much in demand today. And not only that, ecologically aware customers also ask questions and consume with awareness – and they expect their hairdresser to have in-depth expert knowledge. And that's why we're sure: holistic, in-depth advice and genuinely NATURAL products are the future!

What is special about CULUMNATURA skin and hair practitioners and NATURAL hairdressers?

They have the courage to break new ground. The courage to leave behind conventional practices and work in harmony with NATURE. And the best thing is, the quality is better than ever before and customers are more satisfied than ever before.

What is the difference between CULUMNATURA skin and hair practitioners and NATURAL hairdressers?

CULUMNATURA skin and hair practitioners are NATURAL hairdressers who are certified by us and have completed all 8 training modules and taken the consultation training exam. Once they have passed the exam they receive a specially developed and protected logo and are now able to run their own website via CULUMNATURA.

Do you have to meet certain requirements to attend the training course?

Our training concept is aimed at hairdressers who identify with our values and our outlook. We impart sound knowledge, offer practice-oriented exercises and communicate a natural way of working and living.

What does the training look like?

A (working) life in harmony with NATURE - that's very important to us. That is why we have divided the training into 8 modules, with each module taking 2.5 days. This allows us to communicate our values and contents carefully and lastingly and to answer questions in detail.

Do I have to fully convert my salon to CULUMNATURA skin and hair care products?

It is up to you to what extent you switch over. Our products speak for themselves - once you have worked with them, you will ask yourself why you did not start using NATURAL products earlier.

How long does it take to switch from a conventional to a NATURAL salon?

Switching from a conventional to a NATURAL salon is a gradual and very individual process, but you will have done it for the long term. We will of course offer you support and advise during this time.

What is included in the training modules?

The modules are all self-contained, which means you decide whether you take all of them or select some of them. The modules include all the necessary seminar documents as well as organic whole food high in nutrients and coffee breaks.

As a hairdresser suffering from an occupational disease will I be able to do my job again with CULUMNATURA skin and hair care products?

Yes, absolutely! Our skin and hair care products are so natural, you could eat them. Occupational diseases such as hairdresser's eczema or asthma are a thing of the past.

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