Our Company history

Workplace health promotion seal of approval 2020-2022

We were awarded the "workplace health promotion" seal of approval for another three years.

We developed new products

In the spring, crinalis SKIN AND HAIR WASH was added to the product family, and in the autumn we added the bambudent TOOTH BRUSH. terra SKIN WASH got a new packaging made of recycled materials.

New Golden Rooster nomination in the category "packaging design" for satuscolor permanent packaging.

In December, we ran a prize draw with the 50.000th CULUMNATURA brush as a prize.

The CULUMNATURA academy was founded

In 2018, we set up the CULUMNATURA academy, which now hosts all further training seminars and the CULUMNATURA skin and hair practitioner training modules.

In June we were awarded the Austrian National Coat of Arms for outstanding services to the Austrian economy as well as the Golden Rooster (Lower Austria advertising award) in the category "packaging design" for teanatura.

"Workplace health promotion" seal of approval

The Federal Ministry of Health presented us with the "workplace health promotion" seal of approval.

The 40.000th CULUMNATURA brush left our premises which one lucky customer received as a prize.

1. International Day of NATURAL hairdressers

We declared 9 October 2016 the 1st International Day of NATURAL Hairdresser and we celebrated the 20th anniversary of CULUMNATURA. For the first time we awarded a CULUMNATURA skin and hair practitioner scholarship to a hairdresser with an occupational illness.

First NATURAL hairdressing graduates at the Hollabrunn regional vocational school

In autumn we officially honoured the first graduates of the additional training as NATURAL hairdressers at the Hollabrunn regional vocational school in the field of wellness and health with the award of a certificate.

Launch of the satuscolor plant-based hair dye

We successfully introduced our satuscolor plant-based hair dye.

In the same year we drew up our first common good balance sheet and installed a photovoltaic system.

"Austria Bio Garantie" organic seal

We were awarded the "Austria Bio Garantie" organic certification seal for our NATURAL products.

The company's own training centre and Ecological Guesthouse Luger

The company's own CULUMNATURA skin and hair practitioner training centre and the Ecological Guesthouse Luger were opened.

An intensive cooperation with the Hollabrunn regional vocational school in the field of wellness and health was started. We created the additional NATURAL hairdressing training course. CULUMNATURA has been a consultant and trainer ever since.

Relocation to Ernstbrunn

We moved the CULUMNATURA headquarters to its current location in Ernstbrunn (near Vienna) in the Leiser Berge nature park.

Astrid Luger

Astrid Luger became a CULUMNATURA consultant. She continued to play a key role in the development of the training concept and took over as managing director in 2013.


The design-protected CULUMNATURA Brush was launched.

CULUMNATURA Hair washing chair

We developed the CULUMNATURA hairwashing chair.

We began tapping into the Swiss market

We started supplying customers in Switzerland.

We began tapping into the German market

We started selling CULUMNATURA products in Germany.

The CULUMNATURA brand was launched

Willi Luger launched the CULUMNATURA brand.

corpus SKIN AND HAIR WASH based on sugar surfactants and nourishing wheat proteins is the first product that was launched.

The vision of developing NATURAL cosmetics based on our own high quality standards became a reality. The first series of seminars was developed at this same time based on the large pool of knowledge of natural and sustainable skin and hair care. The CULUMNATURA skin and hair practitioner training was being developed further.

How it all began...

In the 1990s, Willi Luger, the owner of two hairdressing salons, set out on a path towards consistent NATURAL cosmetics in the salon.

Having had close ties with the hairdressing profession through his father since childhood, he decided to make a U-turn after 25 years as a hairdresser. His understanding of ecology and sustainability, plant-based and alternative medicine and the associated findings regarding the implications of chemical ingredients in cosmetic products shook him up and encouraged him to turn his attention to transparent and honest NATURAL cosmetics.

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