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In keeping with our company motto, "We combine beauty with naturalness - while protecting all living creatures and Mother Earth", we develop consistently natural skin and hair care products for the benefit of humans and the environment. We see it as our responsibility as a company to act in an ecologically sustainable way and to allow the hairdressing and cosmetics industry to draw its inspiration from NATURE. The essential elements of our company philosophy are consistency, naturalness and honesty in line with the cycle of life.

We are a pioneer of the economy for the common good!

"The economy for the common good" is an alternative to the conventional market economy.

Here, the goal of economic activity is turned back to front, from a pursuit of profit to the pursuit of the common good, from competition to cooperation.

The values associated with the economy for the common good are practically tailor-made for us and they guide us. These values are human dignity, solidarity, ecological sustainability, social justice and democratic participation / transparency.

For information about the the economy for the common good and the common good balance sheet, go to: www.ecogood.org

Our CULUMNATURA common good balance sheet is available for download here:

Common Good Balance Sheet (short)

Common Good Balance Sheet (long)

CULUMNATURA is a state-awarded business.

In June 2018 we at CULUMNATURA were overjoyed. The Austrian Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs awarded the consistently natural company from Ernstbrunn the Austrian National Coat of Arms. This honour is bestowed to companies that have provided exceptional services to the Austrian economy.

The health and well-being of our employees is something that's close to our heart.

This covers many factors, such as our project "gesundes Miteinander" (healthy co-existence), keynote speeches and seminars on health topics for our employees, healthy eating and much more. We are therefore particularly happy about having been awarded the seal of quality for workplace health promotion (BGF).

The BGF network pursues the general goal of enhancing the well-being of employees and preventing illnesses at the workplace.

We put our values into practice and take responsibility.

For information about "workplace health promotion", go to: www.netzwerk-bgf.at

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