• supplys and supports the skin, especially on sunny days
  • with many valuable vitamins and rich nutrients
  • protects the skin from drying out
  • makes the skin supple and soft - the pores remain free
  • also ideal for children and people with sensitive skin
  • the contained oils have a natural sun protection factor of 2 - 8


Ingredients - INGREDIENTS
Sesame* - Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil

Function: Nourishes the skin, conditions the hair
Effect: Revitalises skin cells, regenerating, nourishes stressed skin.

Shea butter* - Butyrospermum parkii butter

Function: Relaxing, soothing
Effect: Intensive moisturizing, for a soft feeling, especially on dry skin areas. Has a soothing effect on the skin and relieves itching.

Coconut* - Cocos Nucifera Oil

Function: Nourishes the skin, conditions the hair
Effect: Cares for the skin, antimicrobial, moisturising, good for dry and oily skin, strengthens the hair, nourishes dry hair.

Beeswax* - Beeswax

Function: Stabilises
Effect: Soothes irritated and dry skin.

Hemp* - Cannabis Sativa Leave Extract

Function: Good for the skin, makes it supple and smooth
Effect: Anti-inflammatory, good for dry skin, eases symptoms of skin diseases.

Houseleek - Sempervivum Tectorum Extract

Function: Cooling, anti-inflammatory
Effect: Good for dry, cracked skin as well as wounds and burns. Used on warts, corns and to relieve insect bites.

Ttitanium dioxide

Function: Skin-protecting
Effect: Protects the skin from cell damage, absorbs both UVA and UVB radiation.

More infos:

The titanium dioxide we use does not contain any nano-particles.

Grape seeds* - Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil

Function: Cares for skin and hair
Effect: Anti-inflammatory, regulates blemished skin, tightens the skin, keeps the skin taut and prevents wrinkles, makes hair shinier and softer.

Meadowfoam - Limnanthes Alba Seed Oil

Function: Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory
Effect: Good for dry and sensitive skin. Causes a very silky, smooth, non-greasy skin feeling and provides moisture. Thanks to its cell-renewing properties, it helps to repair skin damage. Has a natural UV protection.

Zinc oxide

Function: Skin-protecting, astringent, slightly antiseptic
Effect: Very high protection against UVA radiation.

More infos:

The zinc oxide we use does not contain any nano-particles.

Evening primrose* - Oenothera Biennis Oil

Function: Smoothing
Effect: Good for inflamed skin, helps heal and regenerate the skin, ensures a healthy skin balance.

Rosehip seeds* - Rosa Canina Fruit Oil

Function: Regulating
Effect: Can be used for dry, flaky and cracked skin; may also help with eczema, psoriasis, heavily pigmented skin and scars, as well on burns.

Almond* - Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil

Function: Good for the skin
Effect: Makes the skin supple and moisturizes it, counteracts skin irritation and stimulates the formation of new cells. Has a slight, natural UV protection. Is very well tolerated and therefore ideal for sensitive skin.

Amaranth* - Amaranthus Caudatus Seed Extract

Function: Strengthening
Effect: Can support skin regeneration and absorb UV rays by strengthening the skin's lipid barrier.

Candlenut* - Aleurites Moluccana Seed Oil

Function: Good for the skin
Effect: Soothes and calms irritated skin after sunbathing and may help with neurodermatitis and psoriasis. Can support wound-healing.

Sea buckthorn fruit oil - Hippophae Rhamnoides Oil

Function: Cell regenerating, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant
Effect: Stimulates metabolic processes and the formation of new cells, makes the skin more resistant to radiation. Protective and care oil for stressed skin.

Vitamin E - Tocopherol

Function: Good for the skin
Effect: Keeps the skin in good condition and improves a product's smell. Is moisture-binding, regenerates cells and promotes blood flow.

Carrot seeds* - Daucus Carota Sativa Seed Oil

Function: Good for the skin
Effect: Helps with abscesses, skin diseases and ulcers. Speeds up tanning and has a nourishing and skin tightening effect.

*from controlled biological cultivation
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