100% reine Naturborsten, heimische Hölzer

100% pure natural bristles, native wood
Our great-grandmothers often received a very special wedding gift: a natural bristle hair brush.

100 brush strokes daily
CULUMNATURA has rediscovered the ancient knowledge of brushing and integrated it into a modern care philosophy.

We believe that a top quality 100% natural bristle brush is the basis for a healthy scalp and beautiful hair.

It is recommended that you remove the salts on your scalp when you get up in the morning. The protective acid mantle, sebum and sweat, is distributed across the length of the hair with the help of the brush. There, it nourishes and smoothes the hair and keeps it supple naturally.

The result: a healthy scalp, good circulation, and smooth and supple hair

  • 100% pure natural bristles
  • Selected native woods - maple, oak, beech, walnut, cherry etc.
  • Ergonomically shaped
  • Made for right-handed and left-handed people
  • Each brush is your personal one-of-a-kind!

Types of wood
Olive, maple, acacia, , pear, special beech, chestnut, yew, nut, cherry and elm.

Included in the shipment
Packed in a wooden box which contains a brush cleaner, care product (wax and cloth to apply it) as well as the "Täglich 100 Bürstenstriche" (100 brush strokes every day) brochure.



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