• Idea for face, hand and baby care
  • Keeps the skin smooth
  • Moisturises
  • Protects




Ingredients - INGREDIENTS
Sunflower* - Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil

Function: Smoothing, nourishes the skin
Effect: Alleviates skin complaints and nourishes. Absorbs metabolic waste products and supports their elimination. Very good for oil pulling.

Water - Aqua

Beeswax* - Beeswax

Function: Stabilises
Effect: Soothes irritated and dry skin.

Denatured alcohol* - Alcohol denat.

Function: Preserves
Effect: Has a preservative effect.

Jojoba* - Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil

Function: Good for the skin
Effect: Is quickly absorbed by the skin without being greasy and makes the skin soft and supply, very good for dry skin. Well tolerated by sensitive skin. Revitalises and regenerates. Works against wrinkles.

Sesame* - Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil

Function: Nourishes the skin, conditions the hair
Effect: Revitalises skin cells, regenerating, nourishes stressed skin.

Maize starch* - Zea Mays Starch

Function: Binding agent
Effect: Absorbent and water-binding. Leaves the skin feeling soft and soothed.

Evening primrose* - Oenothera Biennis Oil

Function: Smoothing
Effect: Good for inflamed skin, helps heal and regenerate the skin, ensures a healthy skin balance.

Lady's Mantle* - Alchemilla Vulgaris Extract

Function: Good for the skin
Effect: Anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and astringent. Very good for blemished skin.

Nettle* - Urtica Dioica Extract

Function: Cares for skin and hair
Effect: Promotes hair growth, prevents dandruff, alleviates skin complaints, anti-inflammatory.

Horsetail* - Equisetum Arvense Extract

Function: Strengthens skin and hair
Effect: Soothes irritated skin (in people with eczema for example), promotes skin metabolism, strengthens the connective tissue.

Marigold* - Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract

Function: Wound-healing, cares for skin and hair, antiseptic
Effect: Good for skin complaints, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, promotes wound-healing and helps with eczema and tissue formation, alleviates wound pain.

Mandarin* - Citrus Nobilis Peel Oil

Function: Strengthening
Effect: Calms and brightens the mood. Refreshing scent that keeps you alert and counteracts listlessness.

Vitamin E - Tocopherol

Function: Good for the skin
Effect: Keeps the skin in good condition and improves a product's smell. Is moisture-binding, regenerates cells and promotes blood flow.

Xanthan - Xanthan Gum

Function: Nourishes the skin, binding effect
Effect: A starch (polysaccharide, fibre) that cannot be digested by humans and is formed by various microorganisms from maize or glucose syrup. Helps distribute products evenly during application.

Rose geranium* - Pelargonium Graveolens Oil

Function: Soothes the skin
Effect: Has a soothing effect on the skin and a flowery scent. Ideal for dry or oily skin.

Potash - Potassium Carbonate

Function: Antiseptic
Effect: Has been used for thousands of years to make soap. The Gauls were one of the first peoples to make soap from fat and potash.

Hemp* - Cannabis Sativa Leave Extract

Function: Good for the skin, makes it supple and smooth
Effect: Anti-inflammatory, good for dry skin, eases symptoms of skin diseases.

Tragacanth* - Astragalus Gummifer Gum

Function: Binding agent
Effect: Improves product stability. Exudes a pleasantly woody and aromatic fragrance. Has a balancing and warming effect, very grounding.

*from controlled biological cultivation
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