Consistent - natural - honest Production guidelines

CULUMNATURA products are produced based on the "good manufacturing practice for cosmetics" (GMP).
  • Use of natural ingredients and additives
  • Free of artificial hormones
  • Free of paraffins and paraffin derivatives
  • Free of foaming and swelling agents
  • Free of synthetic colourings and perfumes
  • Free of parabens
  • Free of acrylates and microplastics
  • Free of aluminium
  • Free of glycerine
Certified organic cosmetics
  • CULUMNATURA skin and hair care products are organically certified according to the Austrian food code, chapter "organic cosmetics". Annual inspections by the state-approved organic control body "Austria Bio Garantie" ensure a high standard for organic cosmetics.
The plant-based hair dye is a certified NATURAL cosmetic
  • CULUMNATURA satuscolor plant-based hair dye is a certified NATURAL cosmetic. It is produced in accordance with the Austrian food code (ÖLMB) for cosmetic agents. Ongoing tests by the independent control and certification agency agroVet ensure that only natural ingredients are used and no synthetic additives whatsoever.
  • Most CULUMNATURA skin and hair care products are vegan. The small number of products which are not vegan contain beeswax or shellac, for which we have not found a suitable substitute (these are sanare BASIC CREAM, facile LIP CARE, ceratus HAIR WAX and firmus HAIRSPRAY).
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