Consistent – Natural – Honest skin and hair care

For us being naturally beautiful means skin and hair care products that do not harm the body or the environment. More and more people - children in particular - suffer from intolerances, skin problems and allergies. Environmental toxins put a significant strain on our often already weakened immune system.

We act with this in mind and offer a consistently natural alternative. CULUMNATURA guarantees organically certified skin and hair care with transparent declarations of ingredients. Complete declaration means: "If it doesn't say it's in it, it's not in it."

The CULUMNATURA product range is based on a modular principle. Everything can be combined with everything else. Skin and hair care can be precisely tailored to every skin and hair type. CULUMNATURA skin and hair care products are exclusively distributed by NATURAL hairdressers and NATURAL beauticians. Because we think that professional customer support is essential, we do not sell our products in chemist's shops, hairdressing wholesalers or on the internet.

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